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Day & Campbell Limited is proudly 100 % Canadian owned and operated.  We are currently under third generation family management. 

Founded in 1946 in Hamilton, Ontario, Day & Campbell Limited has a rich history of Innovation, Quality, and Service.  As Canada’s only Autoclave Block Manufacturer, we continue to be an industry leader with a focus on our Autoclave – Modern Masonry Architectural Units and offer an unparalleled number of block types, shapes, colours, and specialty finish options.  In addition, we continue to offer a variety of landscape block products and a full complement of masonry accessories. 

Beyond Architectural and Lightweight CMU Block, Day & Campbell Limited has continued the tradition of innovation through product development and is pleased to offer unique block products for a variety of environments including: Omni Block, Acoust-Wal Block and Tyl-On Block and LEED Certified Block in both veneer and structural units to create more design options and custom combination possibilities.

While continuing to serve our core market in Ontario, Day & Campbell Limited has continued to expand our product distribution to a national level through a dedicated Western Canada direct sales model and enhanced Eastern Canada distributor network in 2020.  We look forward to contributing to the building industry by actively engaging and assisting the design community through product and specification development and offering a high level of Contractor & Customer focused service.

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No Project Too Big Or Too Small

For the past 75 years Day & Campbell Limited’s reputation has been built on the service we bring daily to each and every customer. 

We are a family owned and operated business and have great respect for the trust and consideration our customers afford us in producing the masonry products required to fulfill their projects.

You can confidently design with and install the full range of Day & Campbell Limited products to satisfy even the most challenging application requirements.

We are here to support you at every stage of your project from: initial concept, design, production, installation and post construction. 

We proudly manufacture and ship our products from a single location based in Hamilton, Ontario. For this reason we can confidently guarantee product quality, colour consistency and offer reliable modes of delivery to meet the challenges of Canada’s construction industry in a timely and efficient manner. 

Years Established

architectural Project involvements

Modern Masonry Architectural Line

The Day & Campbell Limited Modern Masonry Architectural Line (MMAL) offers an impressive selection of colours, textures and specialty finish options that Architects, Designers and Contractors have been inspired to use in creating impressive structures across Canada over the past decade.

Omni Block

Omni Block is an insulated “Stand Alone” structural wall system that is a patented insulated cementitious masonry unit system which offers air barrier, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) to achieve a low
U- Factor or high R- Factor It does not require furring, additional insulation or sheetrock to complete the wall, even though the possibility for additional insulation and exterior veneers or interior finishes can be added for functional or aesthetic purposes.

LEED Qualified CMU

This section is under development – A sustainable source of raw materials must be secured.

Landscape Products

In addition to the other blocks that Day & Campbell Limited produces, we offer an extensive line of landscaping products to suit your needs!

Acousta-Wal Block

Acousta-Wal Block is a sound absorbing Autoclaved Concrete Masonry Unit. They are available as both Type 1 Exterior Grade without fibrous filler and Type 2 Interior Grade with 2” fibrous foil backed filler that produces a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) by absorbing high frequency sound without diminishing the low frequency sound absorption.

Tyl-On Block

Tyl-On Block consist of Autoclaved Concrete Masonry Units faced with a 10mm thick Natural Stone Slip. Tyl-On Block and can be used on both interior or exterior walls. All Tyl-On block meet or exceed ANSI A118.3-5.5 for Shear Bond Strength, Compressive Strength, Tensile Strength and Thermal Shock.

The Autoclave Advantage

Unlike conventional low pressure block manufacturing, the Autoclave process allows for significantly less cement required in the composition of the block itself, which reduces the overall carbon impact in the block manufacturing process and is better for the environment.

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Custom Creations

Day & Campbell Ltd. can transform your creative vision into reality with our made to order MMAL. Let our team of experienced professionals assist you through the process of making selections to truly fulfill the potential of your next project.


The Corporate Solution

Day & Campbell has been the supplier of choice for some of Canada’s largest corporations on organizations including Imperial Oil.  We are confident in our ability to meet the high level of product standards and rigor these important clients expect and require to advance their brands nationally.


Endless Possibilities

Day & Campbell Limited is a perfect fit for every project regardless of scale or application.  Our MMAL Modern Masonry Architectural Line offers a broad range of colours, surface finishes, specialty shapes, and unit dimensions to suit institutional, commercial, residential, applications in any scale.  The unlimited design flexibility challenges your creative imagination and design ethos.

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