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Day & Campbell Limited produces over 50 unique types of Architectural Block and wide range of surface finish options and detailing which comprise the entire Modern Masonry Architectural Line.


We also supply a variety of cleaners and sealers that are specific to out block and will help enhance the aesthetics  of your project and add surface protection to further withstand the elements.

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The Day & Campbell Limited Modern Masonry Architectural Line (MMAL) offers am impressive selection of colours, textures and specialty finish options that Architects, Designers and Contractors have been inspired to use in creating impressive
structures across Canada for more than a decade.

Each unit is manufactured to the highest standards with the added benefit of the Autoclave Advantage. Our products exceed the standard of CSA A165 Series-04, ASTM C55-11 and ASTM C90-13 Specifications.  With more than (18) Standard and Premium colours and an unlimited range of custom colour options available in (7) distinct surface finishes namely: Smooth, Ground, Honed, Polished, Antique, Ice and Split Face, Day & Campbell Limited offers more surface types than any other block manufacturer in Canada. Additional block types including: Shadow Face, Cross Rib, Omni-Block, Acousta-Wal Block & Tyl-On Block are also part of the comprehensive line-up.

Specialty block detailing can include: multiple faces finished, single and double bull nose corners, chamfer, vertical or horizontal score cuts, L-Return Corners, oversized units, Insulated Omni-Block, Tyl-On Block and Acousta-Wal.

Currently, over (50) different block types/shapes are now available in Metric dimensions and a limited number of options are made in imperial heights.


Omni Block is an insulated “Stand Alone” structural wall system that is a patented insulated cementitious masonry unit system which offers air barrier and expanded Polystyrene (EPS) to achieve a low U-Factor or high R-Factor. It does not require furring, additional insulation or sheetrock to complete the wall, even though the possibility for additional insulation and exterior veneers or interior finishes can be added for functional or aesthetic purposes. 


Like other CMU block types in the MMAL family, Omni Block is available in a wide range of standard and premium colours and can have Smooth, Honed, Ground, Polished, Antique, Ice or Split Face finishes on one or more faces. This greatly increases the number of possible aesthetic outcomes and adds an engineered value component to the finished wall system as a whole.  


Omni Block is ideally suited to use in conditions where durable structural masonry wall systems are required and an appropriate insulation factor is achievable relative to the design criteria.


Please consult with our technical sales team and the Omni Block Guide for further details.



Tyl-On Block consists of Autoclaved Concrete Masonry Units faced with a 10MM thick Natural Stone Slip. Tyl-On Block can be used on both interior and exterior walls. All Tyl-On Block meet or exceed ANSI A118.3-5.5 for Shear Bond Strength, Compressive Strength, Tensile Strength and Thermal Shock. 

The benefits to Tyl-On Block include: No Mechanical Anchoring, available as Veneer or Structural Wall systems, useful for both Interior and Exterior applications, more economical than natural stone slabs on vertical wall systems, structure and finished surfaces are achieved by “All-In-One” installation, resistant to freeze thaw cycling, is available in oversized units up to 90x290x590. 

The natural stone can be further finished by flaming or the addition of various surface coatings to enhance the sheen or appearance of the Natural Stone itself. All of the Natural Stone products acquired by Day & Campbell Ltd. are responsibly sources addressing the social, economic and environmental impacts across the entire supply chain. We have meticulously sourced and tested all of the Natural
Stone materials to bring you the finest options available.


Acousta-Wal Block is a sound absorbing Autoclaved Concrete Masonry Unit. They are available as both Type 1 Exterior Grade without fibrous filler and Type 2 Interior Grade with 2” fibrous foil-backed filler that produces a Boise Reduction Coefficient (NCR) by absorbing high frequency sound without diminishing the low frequency sound absorption.

Acousta-Wal block is available as 20 MPA and 30 MPA structural block to meet or exceed ASTM C90 and ASTM C129 and nonstructural veneer units. Both structural and non structural block locks have excellent fire rating properties. Specially finished Ground, Honed,  Polished can be added for enhanced aesthitic. Additionally, AcoustaWal Blocks are low maintenance, Acousta-Wal Blocks can be painted.

Day & Campbell Ltd. is a proud supplier of many different product lines specifically designed to enhance the overall performance of our block products once installed in the wall. We have focused our attention on partnering with leading manufacturers who undertake responsible environmental practices and offer written warranties for the products they make. 

Notably, Autoclave Block does not require the standard integral water repellants that are added to all non-Autoclave Block. These specially engineered surface coatings and breathable sealers offer additional resistance to moisture penetration into the block itself and offer a barrier to graffiti and other undesirable perils to the wall surface.  When properly applied these coatings act as an invisible layer to reduce the occurrence of efflorescence and potential damages caused by salts. 

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